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Helo everyone i am a graphic designer


Are you watching for professional graphic designer.


Business cards:[]


You offer unlimited revision across all your gigs. I would advise against this. Put in a reasonable number. I leave mine at no more than 2 free revisions but for most of my packages it’s either 1 or none.

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thank you very much sir (i am going now)

I know that but this is not totally copied i just copy few parts but more than 60% parts i make it own self

You’re treading a very grey and thin line doing that. I would advise to use 100% your own work and then there is no argument.

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Thank you very much sir.

and thank you very much sir.

In order to have title professional GD you must have college degree in the field. You forgot to add that in your profile certification section.

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thank you very much but for my personal issues i cannot share my college degree

So it would be your defense if you ever get caught?

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Then you can not state professional without evidence and can not be graphic designer without education evidence and training. You need to put at least one certificate on the subject.

Now, for the rest of conversation, he is not selling graphic designers service so far. He is just displaying cards using mockup files which is standard for mockup.

All the images are “copied” since he is using template to place his cards. The only “?” are the cards he placed inside template actually made by him. Now that is a different story.

sir tell me which one you think thumbnail is copied

sorry sir you are great but i am late

I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. Late for what?

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It means that you are right (So it would be your defense if you ever get caught?)
sorry arnukas sir my first day replies are finish (forum : show me that i cannot reply more than)