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HELP! 2 of the clients are trying to fool me. Please help


I am just 1 month old to Fiverr and I have got 2 clients recently

Issues with client 1 : Yesterday he asked me to deliver the gig within 5 hours of his request, I submitted it as per his requirement (he shared all the information that was needed). Later after getting the order, he cancelled the order without any confirmation.
I am skeptical that he might have used my flyer and cancelled the order so that he gets it for free.

Issues with client 2 : He has placed an order for 3 flyers and told me to get the details from his website on 4th July 2018. He has sent me modification requests 5 times already and working for his modifications I’ve sent him 3 completely new flyers. He can send me all the modifications at once, still he chooses to request modification again and again which has led to LATE DELIVERY from my end.

Please let me know what I can do about the above 2 clients. If I request cancellation of these orders, will it cause any harm to my authority at Fiverr?

Relevant responses appreciated.

Best Wishes,


Sorry this has happened to you, but please remove the names of the specific buyers, as calling out specific buyers/sellers is against the Terms of Service.

You can attempt to contact with your situation. It can’t hurt to ask, but I’m also not promising any results.

Thanks for your response, I’ve deleted the name of the buyers. But I’ll contact the support team ASAP.