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Help a beginer

i’m just a new beginer on this fiverr, but i dont know where to start or what to do, pls can anyone teach me what i can use to start?



Hello and welcome!

Here is some light reading for the weekend.


thanks for your concern, i will go through all your replys and i know it be of great help.

@voiceoverwork provided you with some great resources and I’m sure that anything I say will have been repeated in there. But I just wanted to speak from personal experience. Just a few notes - always, always read over your work before sending. This includes your delivery message. There’s nothing worse than hitting “deliver” and then realizing that you had a few typos in there. Also, what I did to start out was offer a service that I knew people would be incredibly interested in. It wasn’t something that I necessarily was passionate about but it got the orders flowing in and increased my rating. From there I started creating gigs that I really enjoyed doing and my baseline rating helped me bring people to it. Hope that helps. My inbox is also always open for questions if you need a mentor :slight_smile:

Babybear, You must be a genius to navigate and understand this horrible terrible website. I hate to think of all the hours I have wasted just trying to get the Fiverr system to work for me. I can’t even find now where to buy gigs, and on the last job I got done, Fiverr stopped me paying the last to gigs to the seller although she had done a fabulous job for me. Can anyone tell me how to get some real support from Fiverr otherwise I will have to give up and use another site to engage contractors.

Well, I stopped to see if I can offer some help, but I see you have got all you need to start a fantastic career on Very good advice! So I just wish you all the best and enjoy it!

Hmm… a small TIP: Keep a your humor and be polite in any case. Be a diplomat. Read the forum every week (both the users and the official one), lots to learn here and there!

happyspace :slight_smile:

Write SEO friendly descriptions, I got 130k impressions in three-four days(lost track) Its awesome, l actually thought it was technical difficulties at first.

I am new today but mistakenly clicked on buy a gig when browsing. Now i have a footer on my page asking me to complete the order. How can i remove this?

Hi all,

I was wondering how we make the extra payments for extra gigs.

The system automatically took 5 dollars! It would be 50 actually.

If that was answered before, sorry. I just could not find it here!

Hi chiphraim, can you please tell us a little more about the services which you would offer or in which field you have experience, maybe i could give you some tips then.

find something you are good at , make a video about it, make a few pictures ( not boring or generic pictures from google, MAKE YOUR OWN OR HIRE AN ARTIST) , be gente on the description and boom just wait.

You know, to promote your gigs like many good Fiverrs are doing, myself included, read a book called A Legacy in Advertising, by Claude Hopkins.

good luck


This was very helpful as I am also just starting out.

Wishing myself luck

You’ll do well if you make friends with some of the top sellers. They might be nice enough to share their secrets with you!

This is a good site and you can post on this site by offering your services through gigs. You will get orders from interested people and after working good, you will get paid with good feedbacks. Keep posting gigs for offering your services and increase your chances of getting hires.

Reply to @gokaegokae: You can check charges of extra gigs or place individual orders for getting more services as you like.

Reply to @grandsolutions: Many people are using this site and there are many impressions and clicks. If you are posting your gigs well or have good record of working in past then you will get hired as the competition is high on this site.

Reply to @chiphraim: You can offer your services through gigs and wait for orders. You can also promote your gigs by using services from professionals on this site.

keep with fiverr blog your can learn lot things in this blog work hard then you can earn your orders.

All great advice :slight_smile:

Make sure you do a gig that is something you like to do.

Read the buyer instructions or requests very carefully and thoroughly before delivering the completed gig. You want to avoid rejections or the need for a “redo,” although it happens. Make sure you are always polite and remember, “the customer is always right!” I make sure all of my gigs are happy gigs…I have 100% rating! It is important to make sure your client leaves happy. They will come back if they are and leave a great review!