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Help a bout my gigg

can anyone tell me what is the wrong in my gigg i received the last order since 17 days and no one order or text me from this time

In any category, competition will always be fierce. You have to be creative in order to stand out. Based on what I see, you fall in line with the typical schematics:

  • No interesting galleries
  • No gig videos to showcase your work
  • Decent, but not great grammar
  • Non-captivating bio

These are just immediate things I noticed. As I tell every new seller, clients are spectators before buyers. You have to grab their attention with high quality work before they bite.

thinks a lot for your help can you see my (redesgin book gigg ) i make 10 order in one month but now no any order although i has been improved many of things

I hope you paid attention to the part where tenthtiermedia said "Decent, but not great grammar."
There are a lot of grammar errors in your profile and your description,
that is enough to stop buyers from ordering your gig. I personally think you shouldn’t offer the gig of writing reviews if your English skills are not native level.
For now though, you might want to hire someone to edit your gigs.

thanks a lot for your advice

If you long to get orders. Promote your gigs to social media, facebook groups, diig, twitter.

I do this and still have orders to date


Hi, i am also experiencing the same thing, no order at all =(