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Help a Proofreader

Hello, I’m new here, how do I start selling gigs quickly. I have posted my gig but I’ve not been getting buyers. What do I do?

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Your profile page shows no active gigs.

Also, writing academic papers isn’t allowed.


Thanks but I’ve changed my gigs to proof reading

Whatever they are, they’re not live and visible, so you won’t sell anything.

Have you paused them?

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I didn’t pause my gig, it’s just not showing as an active gig. I don’t know why.

That’s not what your profile description says (and your gigs are not visible, for whatever reason).

" Believe be when I tell you that I have the talent for write ups like academic research papers, seminars, proof reading and editing and even transcription as no work ever been done by me has ever been rejected."

You might want to proofread your profile description, too. :slight_smile:

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Have you tried sending buyer request? Have you marketed your gigs? If not, do it soon. And please check the post for some quick tips-

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