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Help a seller out :)

I do logo work here on fiverr and I enjoy it for the most part. I do ask for specific questions because I need your input! When you order from someone like me and they ask specifics, it’s likely they’re creating your image from scratch and need you aesthetic input and preferences. What I feel is “art” may not be what you want. 9 times out of 10, someone giving me creative freedom ends up in time wasted. I appreciate the creative freedom but I need somewhere to start.

That said, I am happy to elaborate on your ideas but I need a start. I may put in a script and you hate them but I won’t know that unless you tell me. This causes more revisions and some, like me, only include one, so it’s wise to start out with all the information needed.

So help a girl (or guy) out and provide your seller with all the information they ask for. I fully believe you’ll end up with a better product and experience!!

Scripts are a good idea.


I guess I am not being clear. If I ask what colors your prefer… the answer is not, “use your creative license”. Because I like warm colors… and you might not. So just say you like cool colors :).