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Help a writer out

I remember introducing myself as a seasoned writer once when I first came on board. Ever since, I had struggled to sell even if it is just one so I can get my ratings up. Funny enough, I have like 54 bids already but only two people cared to contact me and I still wasn’t able to make any sales.

I have done a little modification and have also created two more gigs. I don’t know if that is enough though. I really want to write so I can get my ratings up. Since I am still very “new” here, I am open to the learning process and very ready to put what will be told me here into practice.

Please treat as urgent and help a drowning writer.

Good afternoon.

There’s 2 gig titles that are probably too similar:
“I will write something that will blow your mind” and “I will write something to blow your mind”.

Maybe have a different gig for different genres. Or list each genre you can write in in one or more of the gigs.

Maybe have one gig called something like “I will write a book/ebook for you”.

In the “I will write something to blow your mind” gig one of the packages says "I will write a full novel for you " but in the “words included” column it says “1800”. This would probably be a bit confusing for the buyer, who might be expecting more than that for a novel.

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Okay… I will modify it ASAP or do you suggest I create more gigs? This is a bit confusing.

Thanks for your input.

Maybe create another gig (eg. if creating an “I will write a book/ebook…” gig) or gigs so that the URL is based on the title.

Though I’d do something to make the 2 very similarly titled gigs different, or remove one of them.
It might be an idea to create gigs for the different genres of writing though.

Also, maybe make it clear what genres you are best at/have most experience in (maybe only if writing in multiple genres in one gig?).

edit: You could also try using some gig images that are related to writing. Maybe if you have a different gig for some different genres you could have a gig image related to that genre (eg. Science Fiction or whatever). You could also have a seperate gig for non-fiction writing.

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I am experienced in quiet a number of genres. I have also written books that got the five star pass. I don’t really know why I am finding it a bit difficult standing on my own here. But I will look into your suggestions and make the necessary changes.

You have been of great help and I appreciate it.



You could also make sure that every gig has an FAQ that lists what rights the buyer will have with the delivery. If a gig covers multiple genres, you could list each genre it covers in the gig.
You could also put a .pdf up showing a short sample of writing on the gigs.

Also your “I will love to write stories for you” gig (the title could be improved I think) has a price which seems unrealistically low for the amount of words (30,000 words for $5 seems too low a price really). Maybe have packages for different word counts in a gig like that. You could also allow them to specify the word count (if that option is available) or pay extra for additional words.

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Thank you so much. I will effect all the changes and improvements you have listed. I will also run to this thread should a question arise.

Bless up boss.

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The only thing I can add is you may want to consider writing for a specific niche to narrow down your target clients and keep up with the competition. I mean you could position yourself a writer of ebooks in, say, health and nutrition, or technology, productivity etc, then sell yourself as such.

Remember freelance writing is a fiercely competitive market and only those writers who adapt quickly or are able to think outside the box will remain standing. All the best!