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Help Abdo Khalid ( Improve My Gig )


Hi everybody , can you help me to give me a tips for my gig to improve it

thanks very much


For your gig, maybe give some indication of how much data entry or research you will do if someone orders your gig, such as how many words of data entry you will do (or how much time your will spend) or how much research or number of words you will write after researching.

For your profile:

  1. It says "Data Entry For 4 Years Ago ". That doesn’t really make sense. Maybe say something like “I have 4 years of experience in data entry”.

  2. It also says “Have many skills Makes me able to complete my work in the best possible way”. This either needs a full stop (period) adding before “Makes” or rewording I think.

Maybe also think about removing “unlimited revisions” as they can take forever.


thank you very much for your time and tips … and i will do that