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Help About accounting category


I am in accounting category but not getting any response from buyers. does this category having less buyers compared to other sectors?


There are some grammar errors in your post here. I would suggest you work on your English and communication skills as these play a huge role in how people perceive your credibility as a seller, regardless of your skills and customer service. Also, look at the keywords and filters you have selected because these affect your visibility and so do your level ranking and reviews.

What do you mean by “Response”? Do you mean that you are responding to Buyer Requests?

I also suggest you change your picture to a polished and friendly headshot. This will make you look very professional.


I agree with some of the other suggestions you received. When you advertise professional services, it can be worth it to hire a proofreader and clean up your gig wording. It just looks good to buyers who are English-fluent. You say in your gig that you offer “Effective communication” but your mistakes scare buyers.

I also agree about the profile picture. I’ve seen a lot of pictures on Fiverr that show a headshot which would be good but the person is not smiling and they do not look approachable. I understand that might be the normal thing in some places, but western buyers might be put off by a very serious facial expression. Buyers like to see a real photo so that is good, but you just want to look friendly and professional as well.

It is not uncommon for the accounting category to be slow until you get a group of regular buyers. Your prices are mostly very high and even your less expensive gigs are so few that buyers don’t have a way to try a sample or consultation. I suggest that you use some of your gig slots to offer inexpensive consultations or short sample work at $5-10, especially until you have a lot of reviews and are established. You say in your description that buyers get: “Timely delivery - Quick Learner and Self Motivated You can BUY THIS GIG WITH CONFIDENCE” but how do they buy with confidence when they can’t see your past work or buy a small test gig?

Buyers know that they can hire a local accountant in person if they want to spend the money, so if you don’t have a less expensive way to “hook” them, they have no real reason to try you out. Once you get a buyer that knows you and is ready to do repeat purchases by the week or month you can set them up with higher priced offers. It is true that in the early stages you may have to do more work for very little money just to get some reviews and some buyers interested in staying around. You can tell them that they are getting discounted prices because you are getting started. That way they won’t be shocked when you raise prices later.


I see you Forum photo is of a man who has a “very serious facial expression” and your profile picture is of a young girl. A picture of a young girl is not going to instill confidence in buyers to trust you with the important work you sell in your gigs. :confused:


Girls can do maths as well @vickiespencer! :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

I’d be more concerned that the OP is trying to pass himself off as female - he may have the mistaken idea that a younger, attractive female profile image = more sales. Wrong! :sunny:

@shapnil_chandan - pick one image - your own, not somebody else’s, a logo, anything except using a female image for the sake of it. We girls would think a lot more of you! :wink: