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Help about IP address

I am a freelancer on Fiverr. I am not working on it for educational purposes. My uncle has recently lost his job. I told him about Fiverr.

Now he wants to work on Fiverr. He doesn’t have any laptop or computer now. But he is very talented in the digital sectors. He wants to buy one by using all his savings. That is going to be a low budget PC maybe about $250 only. As he is using almost all his savings if the Fiverr account is banned for any reason, it will be a big trouble for him. He uses a wifi connection. But as ours is a developing country, most of the wifi service providers use shared IP(as far as I know). But I know that Fiverr doesn’t allow multiple accounts on the same IP. The mobile data connection speed is very poor where he lives. So, he can’t use that. I have forbidden him to log in to Fiverr before confirmation.

I have sent an email to Fiverr authority but they haven’t replied yet. So what can I do now? Please help me.
Thank You.


CS are taking anything up to 10 days to respond. Be patient - they’ll get back to you …


Waiting for this question’s answer.

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Bro, right now fiverr all expert busy, that’s why need some time, fiverr support team asap replay to your message. don’t worry

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WOW! 10 days!!! :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

The world is experiencing a global pandemic, and Fiverr has offices in multiple countries. Fiverr is understaffed at the moment, as they deal with how the pandemic affects them. As a result, it will take up to ten days (sometimes longer, based on some reports) to receive a dedicated human response.


@jonbaas, you are an experienced person. Can you please tell me whether I can use a wifi network for using Fiverr? As far as I know, the wifi service provider is using shared IP.
I need to confirm my uncle whether he should buy a PC or not.

Fiverr says, If the services are different then you and your family members can share IP address but first you should get permission from fiverr.

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No problem using same wifi or shared ip. ( fiverr support say)
But service must be different (fiverr support say )

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Multiple accounts can share an IP. Each account must belong to a different person.

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I don’t know whether there is any Fiverr account on that IP or not. I have shared the IP to the CS. But is there any other way to check if there is already an account or not?
Thank you.

You can (many people do), however, other people, with separate accounts, using that same wifi connection might be perceived as the same person with multiple accounts. I recommend that you contact Customer Support, let them know of your situation, and proceed according to what they tell you. You don’t want Fiverr thinking that you have multiple accounts. That usually results in deletion of those accounts, and permanent removal from Fiverr.

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Might take 10 days to get reply. I think there are other jobs you can do using lap too, websites like User Testing, Utest might be helpful for you. Good luck.

Hi, @coerdelion @jonbaas @farzeen_shareef @hinajehan @only_miraz @visualstudios. I asked the same question to the Fiverr CS. They have replied this:

Maybe they have misunderstood me. I have asked the question again in a different way. I am asking for help from the Fiverr community.
While using a broadband network with shared IP, I can’t ensure that if anyone has Fiverr account on the same IP or not. So what’s the solution?


We cannot tell you anything other than what Fiverr has already advised.

Fiverr is not likely to tell you this, nor do we have the insight to tell you either. You are the only person who can determine if there is already someone using Fiverr in your household.

But they tell me. No problem with share ip.

I asked Fiverr customer support and they replied with this.

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