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Help About Live Chat Support


can anyone tell me hot to get live chat support of fiverr…


I am not sure what you are asking? There is no live chat support but you can get in touch with customer support by submitting a request.

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I have live chat support at customer support in a little green box in the lower right hand corner of the customer support page but that could be for top rated sellers only. I’m not sure if everyone sees that.

can you help me?
Order dispute problem please help.

@hasibstar If you want help you need to make your own post.

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After submitting my work, the client gives me the reversion of my work, after which he automatically disputes the order. Here is what I do. I submitted the order a work after it changed the sheet and gave a return to work again.

Asking questions in the middle of someone else’s topic is not allowed on the forum and will get you into trouble with the moderators. Suggest you type “order dispute” in the search bar above (the little magnifying glass) and you can read lots of posts on the subject or make your own post under the heading “Conversations”.


sent live chat link to fiverr