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Help about selling a gig

i am new to fiverr , i posted a gig few days ago , and i got an order within 24hrs , and i got 5 star rating for that ,
but now am not getting any orders, can anyone guide me to get more sales on fiverr ??

Thank You

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Welcome to Fiverr and well done! To get started please check the Forum, there are lots of others people that asked the same thing. Have a read through the Fiverr Academy and send offers in Buyers Request session. Good luck!

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Thank you for your Help

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For new seller, Best thing to get more order. Sending more buyer request.

Post your gig here in the forum in gigs section so that other people can see it and maybe buy it. Plus, post it in the gig improvement section to make it better.

hello , any body tell me please how i can improve my profile which is showing incomplete …

How I can rank my gig on 1st page? Can anyone help me?

@kha 1 ed, I don’t understand what you means by “gig section” thanks.

Post your gig here:

Ask for improvement here:

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Improve your search optimisation by doing some research into improving your search tags.

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Guys Have a read through the Fiverr Academy Its very helpful for new sellers

Thanks! to everyone…How I can post my gigs on my fiverr gig? can anybody help me out?

Share your gig on social network. You can see good result.