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HELP! Accidentally deleted an offer - can i get it back?

Accidentally deleted an offer - can i get it back??

Ask your seller to issue a new one

Was it under Buyer Request? I had accidentally removed a buyer request I wanted to make an offer on just now. I would like it if there were an undo button for the “remove buyer request” button. :disappointed_relieved:

Yes, I posted a Request for a service (website design) and there was an Offer in response in my Inbox that I really liked but now it’s gone bc I hit “Remove”.
Have no idea who the Seller was, so can’t go back to ask for a new.

No idea who the seller was, I got about 20 Offers on my request. I was going down the line and hit “Remove request” Instead of “Accept Request”

I searched the past posts on the subject but could not find an answer. Just sellers like us wishing there was an option to undo the removal. :disappointed:

Thanks Vickie!
Have to ask for that funciton…

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I just hit remove by accident as well, and as I can see from you all, there is no remedy. I’ve only been using the site for less than a day and have already experienced a number of things like this that are very poorly thought through. Imagine working in Word or photoshop or almost any software really without the “undo” function… how archaic would that be?! I’m not inclined to stay with this site beyond the project I’ve commissioned now. User-unfriendly sites are inexcusable in today’s environment.



Can the functionality to undo remove offer be implemented? It’s strange in the first place that a destructive action (a POST) is allowed without confirmation or undo.

Yeah I just did the same thing and now I cannot go back to accept the offer and now the seller is going to lose out on a sale. That’s sucks for them because I really wanted to work with them. There needs or has to be a way to go back to deleted requests for this exact issue

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