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[HELP] Account Flagged by Order Delivery Violation

Hello, Everyone. I just joined because I have a HUGE problem with fiverr. 5 years Ago I joined fiverr and until today I have been a level 2 seller with a perfect 5 stars rating and with 3k+ orders completed. This month, however…

2 Weeks ago I received a warning telling me that I have supposedly delivered an empty order and that I was receiving a warning that time but that I shouldn’t do it again. I didn’t pay attention because sometimes I receive tip orders on which the buyer only wants to give a tip after I update their deliveries for free after 1 or 2 months of completing the original order so they create those orders as a tip for my kindness. So I thought that was the problem and decided to not accept any tip orders to prevent issues. However, I just received this notification in fiverr saying that my account has been demoted from its status and now I’m not even level one because today I again delivered an empty order. and I WHAT???

Yesterday. I worked as any other day and I delivered all my orders from yesterday, and today I did receive a notification about a buyer telling me that the delivery was empty. However, I did upload the delivery and the order was working just fine. I made the upload again and I assumed it was just a glitch because I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but since they updated the chat system is COMMON that attachments sometimes don’t go up. I never had an issue uploading myself but at least 3 times a week a buyer opens an order and SURPRISE!!! The requirements are empty because their file didn’t upload. The same with the messages in the new chat system.

The thing is that my account is suspended after all my hard work. and I really need it. I am in charge of my whole family because I am Venezuelan and my family just don’t have a way to produce money in Venezuela. I am in charge of 11 people. I have worked hard for the past 5 years. I never took vacations and worked on my birthdays, December 24 and 25, January 1st. I have always been there working hard to maintain my 5 stars to protect my family and now I just lost everything to a glitch in the site. I have already contacted customer support through mail (I don’t know if you guys noticed that the site for customer support never worked again) and I am waiting for their reply. Meanwhile, they have canceled all my pending orders.

I just came here to find help. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced.

  1. Empty requirement orders. (A buyer places an order and their requirements are empty but they think they attached them)

  2. Sent a message to later discover the message never reached your seller/buyer.

  3. A warning saying your account was flagged because you delivered an empty order even when you did upload the completed work.

  4. A hack attempt. (This past month 4 people have tried to hack my account sending me virus disguised as order requests)

I would appreciate if you could share your experience with me so when customer support replies I have proof that I am not the only one victim of the glitch and that what they did to me is unfair.


Here is the link for Customer Support if you need it:


Your profile is active as Level 1, and all your Gigs are active.
You have 13 orders in queue on your most successful Gig, 3 in another.
You better remove that “Level 2” badge from the Gig pictures.


SO TRUE! i keep experience this glitch

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This (seems) never happened. How did you figure out they was sending a virus? was just for your antivirus system?

I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. I’m in hope you gotta solve this soon

They wouldn’t let me access my account. I kept receiving this

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Last year, A buyer sent me a file and the file made my computer go nuts and I looked information about and I discovered it was a virus. It was a nightmare of a day. And this past month 4 different buyers have come with the exact same message (thats how I recognize them now) telling me they need my services and that I need to follow a link in order to see their requirements. after their 1st try (the only time I opened the link) my antivirus warned me about it and now it is still the same link and the exact same words but different accounts? Yesterday an old lady sent me pornography saying she wanted invitations for a child party using those pictures. I mean, seriously. What is happening to fiverr?

@tlmason, did you click “confirm”?

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I had to 20 minutes ago because I started reciving notifications about orders being due. What a nightmare

So (for the last 20 minutes) you are able to access your account.
Is this correct?

Yes. I can acess my account now after I hit that confirm button, but now my profile says Level one :cry:

The message you received states that you can regain your level if you don’t receive any further warning and maintain the requirements.
If you keep maintainig the “Level 2” badge on your Gig pictures and they notice, you may get another warning.


I agree that you need to immediately remove the images that say level 2.


I seriously can’t believe this.

Then all you can do is wait and see what happens. I gave you my advice and with this I’m good.


Sorry to hear this . You should check the first warning .And this is your 2nd warning .If you get one more warning then your account will be restricted then disabled .I think you should work now very carefully … You are level one seller now .I think that is enough for you . Because you have lot of experience of your works . You will achieve again your level two badge on 15th May .So do not worry just keep patient and work more hard … And try work carefully . You will be level 2 seller again .:grinning:

Do you realize that if you leave the images that say you are level 2 you may get another warning? Or they might just tell you to remove them but why take the chance?

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But this is unfair. I haven’t done anything. and that is the problem. There is glitch in the site that shows your upload and then you leave and your upload is gone. How can I be saved from that? It will eventually happen again until they fix the glitch that has been existing for more than 1 year now. It is unfair that I have to start from scratch (all the buyers I will lose until may 15) because the site has a glitch that I don’t know if next week again it says it uploads my delivery and it doesn’t and I lose everything I have worked on for the past 5 years

Yes. I read your message. I will remove the images.

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I saw that few days ago this site has that problem .It will be better to Contact CS and tell them everything that their website has problem for that it happened .