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Help account flagged

Just let me know , How many warning to received from fiverr before account suspension ?? Is this ONE ,TWO or THREE???

Depends, 3 different is the end, but if the first one is severe breach of rules then only one is good for ban.

Oh my GOD , i dont know how can remove my warning to CS :frowning: just a little issue but please guide me can i discuss about customer support or not , i have done my order , the buyer was not coming to finalize after three days its auto complete , after 15days buyer some and she likes my work alot … but she want to edit some more additional work with the same order ( not a new one ) … then i said her OK i will do’ but i am very busy my home shifting and i can’t do it although i excuses twis a week ( she not be behave aggressive in any time ) because she likes my work alot and after 20days suddenly she send me message to cancel order i did’nt saw her massage then in evening she canceled order from fiverr :frowning: and i received flagged warning , and mention next time my order suspended :frowning: please please help me any suggestion , shell i complain her , and remove my warning ??


What is the flag for exactly, what did they say in the message? The email with warning?

If you completed order and she wants revision she can ask for another order, and if you are not available, she can look for another seller.

yes of course she hired someone else , and fiverr give me warring on my account (( NOT A EMAIL))
and there is clearly mention my account is cancelled due to delay working , and if again these type of mistake then my account is suspended …
please guide me can i ask CS or not?

You must receive email with warning explaining why you got warning.
Due to delay working? What is that exactly?

Just going to throw this in here real quick, might help:


YES i check again and get fiverr email :
the emailed are:

There’s an issue with your Fiverr account

Hi sheeza_gd,

Your account was flagged for using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery.
To provide a pleasant buyer/seller experience, we ask that you deliver the requested work within the agreed upon time frame. Abusing the delivery button is a violation of our Terms of Service and harms the integrity of our marketplace. We recommend changing your delivery time or extending the delivery time within the order (if you are unable to meet the deadline).

For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

This is your first warning. If you repeat this violation or continue to violate Fiverr’s TOS, your account will be suspended.

Did you deliver what she ordered or not?

If you did then contact CS.

If you delivered partial or something then accept the warning and do not repeat.


I don’t know for sure, but that might have been the method the Buyer used to get the order canceled.

Was the original order complete?

If so, you can contact CS and ask politely if they would be willing to investigate the claim. Stay professional, try not to ramble, state only the facts, include screenshots and any evidence you have of proof of completed-order-delivery.


Please Help…!
Is there any chance to upgrade to top rated seller or run successfully, if fiver account has been flagged for some reason?

**Please Help…! **
Is there any chance to upgrade to top rated seller or run successfully, if fiver account has been flagged for some reason?

People that have all qualifications for TRS for years with no warnings and 4.9* all over profile are not being promoted.

TRS is not something easily achievable.