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HELP! After accepting a custom order BUYER SAID YOU HAVE 2 HOURS

Help please!
This was my first order we decided time taken: 1 day price:$10(EXTREMELY LOW SINCE NEW SELLER)

After placing the order buyer gave requirements and has said you have 2 hours. I tried but my time is almost up and the buyer isn’t coming online. I was rude and said that is extreme you should have told me before. Not alot of help.

WHAT DO I DO? I have no reviews yet and this is going to leave a lifelong mark!!

EDIT: If i give it in 24 hours then they will leave a bad review

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If they have payed for you to do it in a day, then you have a day to do it

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They will give a bad review

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have you managed to complete it?

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If they leave a bad review due to the time it takes, you can reach out to CS to have it removed as long as you complete within 24 hours and can prove that was the original agreement when the offer was accepted. Stop sweating about getting bad reviews and just deliver your best quality possible.


No, CS wouldn’t remove this kind of review because it’s not against TOS.


Nope and my time is up it is impossible to do it within two hours. Plus don’t the buyers think we might be doing something else?

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It matters because I’m a new seller and if my first review is bad why would anyone consider ordering?

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What can I do to avoid this?

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The buyer can’t dictate what you do after he places the order.

Ignore that. He is not allowed to do that. Nor should you even worry about it.
Send a very polite message that you will complete the order in the original time agreed as shown on the gig description.

Or since you are concerned about a bad review send him a cancel notice.

Also contact customer support and tell them you want to cancel the order since this type of person might not bother to respond to the cancel notice at all.

I’m so sorry you had to deal with this!


can you cancel it and report his or her account?

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I cancelled the order mutually but lost my order completion to 0% and now can’t even see my gigs anymore on search page… As this was going to be my first order I really tried though. It’s so depressing

You did the right thing.

Exploitation stings more than a cancellation.

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Very sorry to hear you had such an experience. Your buyer could be someone who has no idea how Fiverr works. The buyer can not change the agreement like that. Without asking you if you can do it. Please don’t give up. Maybe that will be the worst experience you will ever have as a seller and you will have a story to tell your grandchildren :slight_smile:

I just checked and you are right. Right now your gigs do not appear in search. If this is permanent, you can always delete the gigs and create new ones. Maybe you can make them look even better than before! Just keep a positive state of mind. You will do fine!

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Mutually cancelled It wasn't my fault But ratings dropped! .