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[Help],Am new here,check my work outhere

I recently registered here to help people to archive there goal,and help them making there job goes well,I try to create some graphics work for my plan in here such as the upload file below, am in graphic category, I want you guys to help me in checking my gigs up ,maybe its good to go…

Cuase I can’t wait to start helping any customer that eventually patronised me.

I think you are going to have a very, very hard time selling based on your current gig and profile. Buyers who have a little interest in trying a new Fiverr user will already be nervous about taking a risk. If they look at your profile they will immediately see that your English skills are extremely low right now. They might then look to see what your native language is because many buyers are multilingual. They will see English as your only language even though it’s clear that English is not your first language. They may notice that your country is listed as U.S. Many buyers will doubt it is true and skip you.

If you get amazingly lucky and a buyer still considers you, they will see minimum $15 price. For a new seller with a risky profile, your chances drop again. Perhaps I’m wrong but e-book covers are competitive even without those problems.

Okay ,what did you think I can do to make sales.

Apparently you had trouble reading what I said, since you ignored most of it and inappropriately sent me an inbox message. I tried to be less blunt in my last reply to you but I’ll make it more clear now.

Don’t lie about your location on your profile. You aren’t from the United States.
Don’t lie about your language. You aren’t an English-only speaker.
Improve your English.
Lower your lowest price point to $5, but not until you contact Customer Support and have them correct your location to the real one. You can correct language(s) yourself.

In addition, based on your inbox message to me, don’t call women “sir” and I would also suggest avoiding “dear” in case that is your second idea. Just call people by their username. Even if you get a sale or two under the circumstances, buyers get angry if they are lied to and it will not be good for your freelance business. If you do all of those things AND have real skills in e-book covers, you have a chance.