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Help am new here!

Hi, am new here, tried sending offers to four different buyer requests and didn’t get any response. How do i make it here. Thanks

That’s good action. Keep send offer until you get enough traffic for your gigs. Patient is the best answer.

Good advice

Four offers are nothing. Keep sending them.

Hi gideon! I’m sort of in the same boat as you- though the requests available for me are mostly not jobs that I can do.

keep sending offers in buyer requests for everything you think you can do. About 5-10% of the offers come back as orders as a newbie, by my calculation, so you need to make a lot of offers. Also people don’t come back straight away. I’ve had responses after weeks.

So you made four attempts to market yourself and you’re already flapping about like a fish out of water looking for help, without checking out the numerous tips in Tips for Sellers?


Your profile is awful. You write articles yet it starts with Im instead of I’m, then proceeds to talk about you instead of the buyer. Need tips? Look at mine. Sure, I talk about myself, it’s a godamn profile, but note I do mention the potential buyer.

You can’t write English. Sorry, but you can’t. That’s your biggest problem right there. No point sugarcoating it. I understand you, but your writing is not professional. Professionalize it. Else I can see you gone from here pretty soon because “Fiverr doesn’t work”.

Make more gigs, so you have more chances to be found.

Or, just moan and listen to people telling that going to BR and making even more offers will get you the success you want. Your choice, really.

You want more tips? Go and look for them. Tips for Sellers.

Oh, and get rid of the weird nurse baby. I get that you’re probably a medical student (and that’s good–train up your English and you’ll make a tidy packet writing medical articles and stuff online). And the you in a bar profile pic. Face shot is better.

I am surprised to see so many sellers who are offering writing gigs who can’t write. And as Emmaki said, why is there a picture of a baby in your writing gig?

Basically, if you’re new, things will of course be slow. Also, there are some things the guys from above have pointed out, specially the top sellers. They know a things or two about being successful on fiverr that’s why they are top sellers. But mostly, I would say, post services that you like to do, that you can do, and do good (read GREAT), and be patient. Like a laser, keep your offerings within topics that you are naturally good at. Don’t over extend. People naturally gravitate towards sellers that are able to provide the best services.

All about the reviews, dude!

I don’t think someone receiving medical attention would be the best person to assist him with getting orders to his gigs.

am also new here

i never tried buyer request, i am 2 months old here, now i am a level 1 seller, i totally made 20 sales in a month. all i noticed that just optimize the gig and be unique from others, no matter you are selling the same gig but you have to add something unique in the gig. and be patient and stay online here. you will get sales soon :slight_smile:

You’ll need to submit more than 4 offers. I would suggest maxing out your amount each day, and offering your services at a killer price until you can get a few orders under your belt. Then you can start bringing your prices up based on the previous positive reviews.

Good Luck,

Any tips for me Fiverr top people?

Any tip for me emmaki, I saw you are very active in the forums. Please help.

Please do not hijack other people’s forum threads to ask for help for YOUR gigs. If you need help, you can request help with your gigs in the Improve My Gig forum.

i learnt a lesson in that i should be patience and keep working hard and the sales will start coming in …Am soo happy guys for the information

I need help…who do I contact about revenue. My first revenue is supposed to have cleared today and it hasnt. There is no where I can find to contact the fiverr people. It is very annoying there is no help or actual contact