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Help and advice really rather needed!


Good morning all,

I shall try and keep this short and simple. I am a transcriber and my gig is 10 minutes of audio for a fiverr. So a customer sends me a job and I have copy pasted his message:

"Please visit a particular website (not sure if I should have pasted it here so didn’t)

Just enter the info needed in order to proceed will just need an email and phone number

There are three videos- first two are about two minutes long and the third is 15 minutes long- please advise as to the best way to pay for the additional minutes.

Thanks "

Well, I heard a couple of warning bells going off in my head and so I replied with the following message:

Thank you for the gig.

The best way to deal with the extra minutes is to buy another gig, unfortunately it is not possible to split gigs and I will owe you a minute…

I have a question though, once you are in the site, I can only see a video of 1 min 37 seconds. Where is this 15 minute video to be found?

So I did that, I was not going to give out my personal details so, I was Donald Duck at Disney World, that got me the first videos which I immediately transcribed. The longer video I found out needed me to enter an email address which I also did (a very spare one that I have for instances like this one) and was sent the link. I also transcribed this but I sent him the following message :

Please find attached the first two shorter videos, I will get the longer one to you once I hear back from you.

So, I have sent him the first 2 shorter transcriptions, have not heard back from the buyer regarding buying another gig for the remainder of the minutes and do not know what is best to do… Do I :

  • Send it all to him and deliver job in the hope that he sends he a further gig (unlikely)

  • Deliver the work to a total of 10 minutes therefore only delivering part of the transcription of the longer video

    I have to be honest and say that my biggest fear is getting a bad review… Please advice me as the work needs to be delivered today. THANK YOU SO MUCH !


Only deliver up to the 10 minutes for all the videos and then wait for the rest of the payment. I don’t do the work in the hope that the buyer will pay the extra needed.

Good luck!