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Help and opinion needed

Hey Forum users! I hope everyone is doing OK in the current circumstances?

Please weigh in with your opinion as to what I should do with my situation below;

During the night a buyer submitted an order on my gig without first speaking to me (personal pet hate but not against any rules) and requested my basic gig, transcribing audio into a blog post. The basic gig covers up to 500 words; however, the actual length of what has been requested is nearly four times that with the transcript being just under 1900 words.
Do I (A) respond to buyer and say that they have misordered and that what they need to purchase and request the correct cost?
(B) report to Customer Care and ask for a cancellation that won’t go against my figures as the buyer didn’t order the correct gig and has really underordered?
© do the project anyway, ask them to contact me in future and hope they get the idea?
Mystery option D, something I haven’t thought of?

I thank you all for your comments and opinion

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Never option C. Option B probably won’t work, CS rarely accepts cancelations not counting towards your completion rate. Ideally you should send a gig extra covering the extra cost, but if the client is trying to exploit you, it will not work and you will end up having to cancel anyway. Tough situation.


option C was my least favourite and I am leaning toward option A.
Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

You are thinking in the right direction.
However it’s not a choice of a, b or c. It’s a choice of “if”.

I always first reaching out and telling them your option A, attaching screenshots and mark in red on a screenshot parts that I want to highlight in your case it will be package they ordered and amount of words. And right after that even without waiting for their response I’m sending them a custom offer.
(Maybe in this situation of virus I would’ve made a discount for them, also mentioning that in my message but really just a couple of bucks just to sweeten bad news a bit)

And then if they don’t accept it then you go to fiverr CS saying that your buyer chose wrong package and don’t have money to upgrade.