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Help and Support not working for me


I’ve been on fiverr for more than 3 years now. Been working on and off. Since a few months i noticed that whenever i sent a Help ticket, i never got a response. Curious as to why it was happening, i went to the Seller support page and clicked on My Activities (which usually shows history of all help tickets etc) but it returned me to the Help Home page

The URL said:

It says “suspended user”. what does that mean? and what could be the reason? I have been getting like 2 or 3 orders per month and everything else seems to be working fine. I just complete 2 orders last week, with 5 star ratings. But this “suspended user” thing has suddenly worried me.

Happened to anyone else?

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any reply please? still not getting through to support

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It’s impossible to know unless you give us details.

Your account is active and your gigs can be purchased.

Here is the link for Customer Support:

It is all working fine for me.

Did you ever talk less than politely to support?

umm there actually are no other details. just that.

I’ve had very little interaction with support. There was one discussion more than a year ago i guess.

A buyer took all the work, kept asking for revisions and threatened to leave a bad review and all. After about a dozen revisions and lots of free work I finally told him I won’t be blackmailed anymore. The guy then gave me 1 star.

I contact support about the review, they said it can’t be changed. I did express my disappointment to them, but in a polite manner. Since then there haven’t been any bad incidents and i’ve completed about 15 orders.

so, i really don’t know anything else about this. no emails from support either.

that’s the problem, i’ve posted tickets for this issue 2 or 3 times but i think it isn’t even going through as i dont get a confirmation email either

can anybody connect me to some staff member somehow?

You contacted support about your review. That isn’t allowed. You should know this. They are very strict. It is a suspendable or even bannable offence.

Hi. If you didn’t get any reply, not even the automatic “We got your ticket, the current response time is 24-48 hours” (or something like that) first response, and can’t see any tickets when you check the “My activities” link on your page, you can try to directly mail them at to notify them about the ticket system not working for you and whatever other issues.

I haven’t had the “suspended user” thing but I’ve had it happen that the ticket system didn’t put my tickets through at some point.

There’s no point in contacting them about changing a review though unless the review somehow violates the Terms of Service.

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