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Help around the gigs


I’m trying to get to my first customer, I set up a couple of gigs so if you have time to look at and tell me if it’s good enough, what would you add and what is superfluous. Every suggestion is welcome.

My gigs:


Hi… i have notice little things… but it’s all up to you…

you can change or make it look more better… like in first link the description is very less and not communicative as first the buyer will look at our description page so it must be something like that we are giving them answers of what they want even we are not talking to them… i hope you understand… what i mean…:slightly_smiling_face:

In the 2,3 and 4 they are very well written just add little things in the end like thanks for checking out my gig… things etc

But wait get some more advise…from experienced one’s


Thank you for the advice. :smiley:


You will get your first order very soon…:+1:


i help you what your problem?//???


Thank you for your interest I got some answers to this topic so I decided to try to apply everything that was said