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Help...attempted scam in progress

I absolutely did.
I am hoping Fiverr will act quickly


CS is taking a really long time atm, unfortunately. Once they get to it, rest assured the seller is not getting away with it.


Before I did this…I tried to research.
This was supposed to be a relatively safe community.
Hoping to find a better seller

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There’s a brand new section here on the forums and all four spotlights say in their top three tips that contacting a seller before purchasing is critical to a good experience.

Also, here:

Very curious, if you don’t mind my asking, where did you hear this?


I was an Cannabis advocate and used facebook before I got banned.
This was a supposedly a place to get freelancers to help with graphics

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So, you heard about Fiverr on FB? That’s… not a surprise. Unfortunately, one of the most common bits of “advice” that’s bounced around among new sellers is to post on social media. Equally unfortunately, almost none have any idea how to properly market. Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked! (from a Seller’s perspective, but it’ll give you a good idea of what you’ll oft face.)


Definitely a scam seller Or a reseller.
You can open dispute at order page to cancel this project.
and if your seller didn’t accept the cancelation then contact Fiverr Support.

Hopefully Fiverr CS could solve your problem asap

Wish you luck :slight_smile:


Thank you.
As soon as I get my money back. Gonna look for another seller…
Fingers crossed

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UPDATE the seller declined my request for cancellation saying now they will do the job how I want.
I immediately requested another cancellation.


Very odd…but a happy resolution.
The buyer refused my cancellation.
A few hours later customer support cancelled the order and refunded my money.
I cant seem to find a place to leave a negative review of the seller. But I would the search is now on for another seller.
Any tips folks…


It was good that you kept declining and ask for cancellation.

Fiverr is filled with those.

Since he did not deliver anything, no point in a negative review, but what you can do is report his profile using flag under his name and share that he uses other people’s work on his portfolio.

Regrading the whole situation, unfortunately, Fiverr is a little “luck matters.”

I just had an order placed by a client.

My mandatory requirements are that he testifies he contacted my prior order, and we negotiated the price. He clicked yes on both. He did not contact me at all.

His work is hand drawn, and I have three packages, simple, complex, hand drawn.

Guess which one he selected? Simple.

I am a designer with over 14 years of experience, and these things annoyed me.


I get it…now the same user is contacting me asking me to give them another chance.
Saying they are the victim.
Time for me to move on and get my logo done


If you are looking for logo you are entering space with over 180000 sellers and maybe 20-40% is there due to covid and YouTube suggesting it is easy money.

“Come on Fiverr, make gig, use online logi maker, easy money.”

For logo design you need luck times 10 to get designer that knows what he is doing and willing to deliver on your budget.

gotta keep trying and keep my momentum

If this seller is contacting you, that is a no no - that is considered spamming. You can use the REPORT button above the message to notify Fiverr and then mark the message SPAM and block this seller.



Fiverr is a relatively safe community for buyers and sellers. But like all communities, there are rogues who spoil it. But past experience shows that when rogues are reported to Fiverr, customer support do take action.

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Hey @reginabrim! Just a note that you can “block” that seller from contacting you - within a message from them, just click their icon and it’ll bring you to a page that has their bio info on the left and gigs on the right, I believe. Underneath their portrait/icon, there should be options to “block” and “flag” - just block them so you don’t have to deal with that aggravation anymore.

I’m really sorry you had that experience in your first gig on Fiverr. I hope you won’t give up on the community just yet! We have some really amazing folks here with a ton of talent - the bad apples just tend to be really awful.


The freelancer is no longer on Fiverr

Yes, very safe. Mods reading your DMs, CS not responding to refunds, scam sellers, reports doing seemingly nothing, so on and so forth. I am so done with this site after having one horrible experience after another, and now CS is not responding to my request to get my money back. Very fun for me so far. /s

Be very careful! Always do a reverse image search before hiring an artists. I’m a graphic artist myself and I saw a lot of scammers, stealing art from other artist, passing it as their own and even sometimes selling it. I’ve reported a couple of them with a link to the original art. They seem to have disappeared from the site after that. But still some buyers got scammed. I can’t imagine what legal trouble a buyer could get into because of that. Imagine trying to use the art you paid for, for commercial purpose, not knowing the art your using was stolen in the first place. They should really verify the artist before publishing their Gigs.