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Help...attempted scam in progress

Hey @reginabrim! Just a note that you can “block” that seller from contacting you - within a message from them, just click their icon and it’ll bring you to a page that has their bio info on the left and gigs on the right, I believe. Underneath their portrait/icon, there should be options to “block” and “flag” - just block them so you don’t have to deal with that aggravation anymore.

I’m really sorry you had that experience in your first gig on Fiverr. I hope you won’t give up on the community just yet! We have some really amazing folks here with a ton of talent - the bad apples just tend to be really awful.


The freelancer is no longer on Fiverr

Yes, very safe. Mods reading your DMs, CS not responding to refunds, scam sellers, reports doing seemingly nothing, so on and so forth. I am so done with this site after having one horrible experience after another, and now CS is not responding to my request to get my money back. Very fun for me so far. /s

Be very careful! Always do a reverse image search before hiring an artists. I’m a graphic artist myself and I saw a lot of scammers, stealing art from other artist, passing it as their own and even sometimes selling it. I’ve reported a couple of them with a link to the original art. They seem to have disappeared from the site after that. But still some buyers got scammed. I can’t imagine what legal trouble a buyer could get into because of that. Imagine trying to use the art you paid for, for commercial purpose, not knowing the art your using was stolen in the first place. They should really verify the artist before publishing their Gigs.

Unfortunately since pandemic and with shortage of staff fiverr support became almost non existent for both buyers and sellers which is really frustrating.

It was way better before Covid times, even sellers were getting response in 2-8 hours and now it became over 10 days :confused:
Same for reporting sellers who’s stealing work. I’ve been reporting seller since April, already like 7 times and he is still there, still selling stolen designs. Now I’m thinking to contact original people who created his logos that he is showcasing as his in hope that fiverr take it more serious if the creator will contact them.


We are really sorry to hear so, However it’s the game of choosing best amongst bests. But the market isn’t saturated anymore, Fiverr is promoting new sellers nowadays. No Doubt, which is a good thing.
But many undeserving sellers having no skills are privileged with this ranking algorithm.
That’s why it’s highly recommended to cross check the portfolio artworks before placing an order.
I hope you will never experience the same, This market is full of talent and as this isn’t a parallel universe, there are few dumbs also who just resell the orders. Best Wishes!

Team Memaker

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Hi Regina

Did support get back to you already? I submitted a request for support a week ago about seller who is scamming me and sending empty deliveries and refuses to accept my cancellation requests and still have not heard back. I submitted another one 4 days ago under fraud category and I just saw that they marked it as solved but nothing was done. Case is still open and unresolved. Im so upset at both seller and Fiverr and im shocked that they got back to you so quick and issued you a refund.

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