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(Help) Average response time is increasing rapidly

Hello Everyone :heart_eyes:,
Hope you guys are doing well in your freelancing career. I am facing a problem. Please have a look at it.
My average response time is showing 1 hour on my seller dashboard. But when I am opening my Gig it is showing 15 hours. Before a day ago it was 3 hours. A buyer knocked me and I managed to give him a reply within an Hour. I have no idea why this is happening. You definitely know how important the response time is for a seller.
I hope somebody knows a solution for me.
Thanks, Everyone


Check if you have any unread messages in your spam

No I checked Already. No spam message

You may have make your Online Status active at Night also. If you are not online and if anybody sends you a message, then response time increases.
Check out this also Mobile response time and desktop response time show different

namit26. Both mobile and Desktop dashboard response time is 1 hour. But when I am opening my gigs it showing 15 hours. Only inside the gig.
Thank you

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I think I understand you now… Just ignore it… I must be a glitch in the fiverr site…

What’s most important is the one written on the mobile and desktop main dashboard

But when the buyer will open my gig and there it is showing 15 hours. So he will think this seller average response time is 15 hours. He will feel confused to give me an order

Your response time would increase regardless if you aren’t answering the first message, online status makes no difference.

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Just keep replying to all messages on time and it would increase as time goes.

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I did. I replied within 1 hour last night. I have the proof. But in the morning I surprised to see that it increased 3 hours to 15 hours. Horrible situation brother

Please contact the support team, maybe they could have a better reason for this or maybe fix it.

This Problem is solved by the fiverr support team. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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