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HELP! Buyer ask to do more works but only pay for one work

I got a buyer in fiverr, after I completed the order she asked me to do another work. After I accepted, she order for 1 work ($5), but she was asking me to do 11 work. How do I tell her to pay the other 10 works? I’m afraid I offended her, because I’m new seller here

Hello say:

I see that you ordered one gig. If you would like to place orders for more than one, please do so. I am only able to offer one job for each order.

You are asking for 11 jobs so you will need to place 10 more orders.


It can be really tough as a new seller to have a client who is asking for that much work based off a single order. There’s a feeling of, “If I mess this up, will anyone ever order from me again?” The good news is they must be happy with the work, otherwise they wouldn’t want you to do more of it!

In my experience, it is best to set clear expectations with buyers right up front. Tell them you’ll be glad to do the extra work, and ask if they would like a custom order that details out exactly what you will be providing and for what price. If they aren’t willing to do that, tell them they can place individual orders whenever it is convenient for them.

Sometimes a buyer will come back and say they thought you would just do the extra work. In that case, try to find a win/win situation. Maybe offer to do the extra work at a discounted rate. Saying something like, “I appreciate the trust you placed in me to handle your previous order. Here’s what I’m willing to do to get you the help you need…”

If the buyer feels like you are meeting their needs it is quite likely you will find a solution that satisfies you both.

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Normally when I receive an order, I send them a message with, what’s the final product they are getting, how many revisions included, my working time frame etc. When you send that kind of a message at the beginning they can not ask for more work later. If they ask, then you can negotiate for a price. Give them a discount and they will definitely accept it.


Ohh thank you so muchh :blush: I will tell the buyer like you said

Perfect! Be aware I’m not responsible for whatever review you get but still this is the right thing to say when someone does this.

Here is your basic $5 gig:

Basic flat drawing, 1 look (2-3 clothes/top, bottom, outer) front and back side, full colored

So this is all you should do for $5.

You’re right, I don’t want to mess it up :pensive:

I will definitely give discount to the buyer, thank you so much for your suggestion. I never thought about giving discount to them.

Thank you :blush::blush:

I’m glad I asked in this forum, you and others are very helpful, thank you

Yes that’s what I do for $5 :grin:

I wouldn’t give a discount to this person. They are only paying your basic $5 price. They also showed they don’t deserve it.

It’s your decision however.

Ahh I see, it’s a good way to make sure about the gig to the buyer. Once I negotiate about the price but the buyer was gone hehe. Bu I will give them my best :grin: thank youu

:pensive: as a new seller, I offer them the low price. Because I have to compete with other sellers who have more rating and more experience in fiverr