Help-Buyer can't accept my offer


Hello, everyone. I am new on Fiverr so I hope this is the right topic to post my problem. Here it is.

I made a custom offer for a buyer’s request. However, she can’t accept my offer. When she click “order now” after choosing the payment method (she chose credit card), the page just froze and it never loads/proceeds. I’ve tried to send her a few other custom offer but it still doesn’t work! Is it a bug from my gig or the site? Or is it the problem with the credit card?

Thank you guys for reading this, I hope someone can help me on this problem. I’ve tried to searching everywhere but can’t find a good answer for my problem.



Your buyer should try clearing her browser history incl. cookies and cache. Or tell her to try a different browser.

If that doesn’t work she needs to contact customer support for assistance.


I’m having an issue with a buyer not being able to purchase the custom offer I sent.

Support should be able to give you guidance.

Best of luck.


she cleared the browser history and changed the browser, but it still said that the fiverr website has trouble processing the order. She tried to contact the customer support, and in the request form, she’s asked for the order number. However, as we haven’t started the order yet, there is no order number. Is there any way to contact customer support without order number?


It sounds like a technical glitch. You don’t need to enter an order number. I don’t think it’s mandatory. She can either leave the box blank or type "none’ into the box. Whatever works. Good luck.


Ask her to pay by paypal account and your problem will solve!


I have a customer who tried 2-3 days to accept an offer…

The problem happens if the buyer is using the payment processor…
When the buyer used PayPal to pay to Fiverr, worked like charm.


Order number is not a must, just write N/A in the box :slight_smile:


All right, guys. I will try to do that. Thank you so much for your answers! Have a great weekend


I had a buyer unable to place a large order last week. She’s a repeat customer, or at least was, but for some reason can no longer make purchases on Fiverr. She said support had no solution for her.

But a bug to do with money? They’ll fix it soon :slight_smile:


I’m sure if enough support tickets are received regarding this issue they’ll look into it :slight_smile:


it happen with one of my client too. They wanted to pay by card and did not able to do it. So, later i ask them to pay by paypal and order done perfectly.


Luckily PayPal always seems to work on Fiverr, however, she didn’t have an account with them so the order remains incomplete.