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Help? Buyer demanding what is not offered in description

I review Kindle books. In my description I stated that I would give an honest review. Nowhere do I say I will give the book a 5 star review. The buyer is demanding modification to increase my rating to a 5 star. I am unsure how to proceed. It is unethical in my opinion to give his book a 5 star when it clearly does not deserve it. I was already being liberal with a 4 star. The author believes that all emotional trauma comes from bad parenting and that the solution for depression is to basically “let it go”. Do I accept a bad review or disputed gig and stick to my ethics? Can I report him for demanding something that is not included in my description when he chose to hire me for the review? How do I proceed in this?

Buyers of reviews assume since they are paying that you are offering a 5 star review no matter how bad their book is. It’s hard to be honest when you are taking money for the review I would venture to add. I know you say “honest review” but they ignore that and feel you are a paid shill for their lousy book.

It is against the Amazon Terms of Service to post any review that you get paid for. My suggestion would be to offer the buyer a refund, remove the review, and don’t do them on Amazon anymore. If you want to write reviews that a buyer can post on their own, or you want to critique a book, or review it on your own blog - that’s all fine. Posting reviews on Amazon for money is not.

Since those reviews are against the ToS of a 3rd party site, they are automatically against Fiverr ToS. Depending on which support rep you get, that could make it difficult to get support for a ticket through Fiverr. It is against the rules for the buyer to threaten you so you may get them to help you based on that, but it’s a difficult situation due to the rule issues.