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[HELP] Buyer didn't submit requirement

Hello, Fiverr community,

I have got an order 2 days ago. The buyer/client just placed the order but didn’t fill any requirements. For that reason, the order hadn’t been started yet. I have knocked him several times but got no response! Now, What should I do?

Thanks in Advance

Abrar Zahin


Well, if your order haven’t started yet then i guess you need not worry that much, just you need to wait nothing can be done in this situation unless and until the buyer submits the requirements.
If you have previously chatted with the buyer and you know what you are gonna offer then you can start the work also but if you do require all the requirements from the buyer before starting then yeahh you just need to ask them for the requirements and wait nothing can be done so sorry to hear this happen with you…


dont worry when buyers come back online then you can ask her.

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Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion.

I didn’t chat with the buyer. He came out of nowhere and placed an order. I think it would be better to wait until he/she comes.

Thanks Again :smiley: