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HELP! Buyer failed to provide requirement and no response

Hello everyone,
I have an issue, where the buyer ordered my gig without requirements and 5 minutes later while the buyer was still online I replied asking for requirements politely and there was no response.
I waited for 2 more hours and said hi to get the buyer’s attention and still no reply.
I was thinking maybe shes busy and because of the time difference, I should wait till when its a good time for her. I waited and still no reply even when the gig was 3hrs to delivery.
I then went to resolution and applied for an extension, I couldn’t cancel as I was afraid it’ll change my ratings. Now the issue is she came online at least 4 times while the gig was still active and even with the time extension that she’s supposed to approve or decline she hasn’t and shes currently online.
what could be the reason for such behavior, would my ratings or delivery be affected if she rejects the extension? and the gig delivery is now 13hrs late and still in dispute.


Hi @greyscript

I think you should ask the CS to cancel this order.
Explain that buyer failed to provide you reg and detail, and buyer didn’t response to your message.
It shouldn’t affect your rate.

It happen to me once, when i was still new seller.
Exactly same your yours…, I receive order an image, without any explanation at all.
My mistake: Because i’m still new seller, and want to keep good rate, stupidly i try to make the works, hopefully buyer will ask a revisions. BUT , NO, instead buyer accept the delivery and gave me 1 star rate (MY FIRST and the only bad RATE)…, and then buyer block me
(i still got the order payment tough)

Hopefully you have a better ending :slight_smile:


Do you require that your buyers fill out requirements before you start on the job? If not, you need to change that part of your Gig so this does not happen again.

If you have certain criteria you need to know about before you can work, and have this set up on your Gig, the time will not start to countdown until the buyer fills out the requirements page.


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Now, do not cancel order, first do the modification of order extend delivery time. and if no response, raise the request to CS, and continue contact the buyer… she will receive notification frequently and may be reply you,… i was faced same problem (and our clock watch show run’s so we disturb)

The buyer still has 2 days and an hour to respond to the request, so i have to wait till the time expires?

I do, but as a new seller i didn’t really understand what that meant untill I clicked the button that says I’ve received requirement with the hope that since she’s online she would reply my message and explain.
I was told to submit any zip file and hope for a revision but after going through the forum i realized it wasn’t in my best interest to do that so i extend delivery time.
I’ll take your advice and ask CS to cancel order.

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Alright thank you, I’ll do this once the delivery extension is almost over

Exactly you gave the right answer.