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Help! Buyer Got Refunded But Still Posting My Video On Their Facebook Page

I knew eventually I would be scammed…and I expect it to happen once in a while.

I do plan on researching what options I can pursue against this person – and because I am a mad woman, what I should NOT do, like threatening and cursing the fck out of him or her – I am coming to the Sellers Tips Forum because maybe some seasoned Sellers already have an action plan or advice for this sht (sorry, I’m mad).

Fiverr CS says they can’t really do anything unless the Buyer comes back, he/she needs to settle the dispute or can’t resume to do buy or sell. Okay. Btw, the Buyer’s account is on longer active.

I did reach out via Facebook messaging to the Buyer to pull down the video. The f*cker told me to not contact the company or he will file a complaint with Fiverr and Facebook. I almost lost it! I replied (Nicely, like the first time. Well, kind of) and said he has no standing and that I already beat him to it… and that it’s not good business to do what he did. That’s it. I swear.

So, now here I am.

I know for sure now I will put in my message when I deliver my work suggesting if you later decide to get a refund and you’re still using my work, it is ???. Any help on this please?

Incidentally, I am close to opening a private web page for Sellers to weed out the bad guys … of course with proof … to protect us.

Some have asked to provide Buyer who is illegal using my video. I provided this post and copying it here too:

Yes definitely. Here is the FB page: ". You’ll see the video there still. He purchased two gigs. The one with the refund is the video with the whiteboard. The Fiverr account is no longer active, but he or she had the username "fragglesrock"

Sheriff’s note: please, stop posting external urls and usernames: it’s not allowed on this forum

And no… it wasn’t just $5. Even if it was just $5… it’s dishonest. The funny part is the Buyer is launching his web business - that I did the video presentation for - on July 4. Doesn’t he realize I can potentially put a hamper on his web launch!!!

@hudsonmediaroom Is there any chance you can file a complaint via Facebook, such as reporting this video for rights violation?

Check this

Sorry to hear you lost time and's something that all sellers expect to occur sooner or later.Make sure you use a disclaimer in delivery, securing your rights.As it seems, if you file a complaint with CS most of the times you win the case.

You should send Facebook a DMCA request (you can find the necessary form simply googling Facebook DMCA).

See this from the DMCA website:

“A DMCA Takedown is:

When content is removed from a website at the request of the owner of the content or the owner of the copyright of the content.

Note: although the DMCA is part of US Copyright law, a DMCA Takedown does not require the content to be copyrighted in order to process the takedown OR for the request to have the content taken down acted upon by the website owner or ISP.

In other words the fact the content is yours, or in the case of a photo or video, it is you, is enough to request a takedown and for the website owner and ISP to comply”

Thank you! @psychicninadia and @mrproofreading. I am so glad I came here. I will look into all options. It’s unbelievable how Buyers are more protected than Sellers. Initially and at first glance.

Well, this Seller can only tolerate so much. Thank you again…

Mostly welcome & best of luck!

You’re welcome. Websites take DMCA requests very seriously, so it should definitely fix the problem for you. Don’t be surprised if Facebook take action against the poster, too. :wink:

You should also report the facebook id and disclose about himher here , so that the fiverr community can put enough stress on him for doing this.

so sorry to hear. Yes definitely report it to facebook that it is YOUR material. Good luck!!

I would do what others are suggesting. Also, you can reason that it is your video and not theirs since you created the video as part of a buy/sell transaction and since he/she asked for the refund, they did not legally purchase the video from you so you own the rights.

For future orders, you could put a disclaimer or something about who owns the rights to the video and if there is a refund request, you own the video that was created and the use of video is prohibited in that case. Good luck.

It will do the community good if you can expose this scammer here with his ID, name, nick, and facebook fanpage …etc. Some scammers are plain lazy to change nick, and the internet circle, believe me, is smaller than what we expected, we can nail him/she down easily.

Every time I think I’ve heard a story about a dishonest a** hole, I hear yet another one that tops it! Supposedly the number of people in a society who are sociopathic is less than 1% (altho I’ve read as high as 5%) but there sure seem like an awful lot of soul-less creeps running around causing havoc. sigh If only we could just spay and neuter them all. (sorry, as a nurse my minds tends to go in that direction…)

Good luck!! Let us know how you make out (if you wish)~

Yes definitely. Here is the FB page: You’ll see the video there still. He purchased two gigs. The one with the refund is the video with the whiteboard. The Fiverr account is no longer active, but he or she had the username “fragglesrock”

Tried using the url you provided above to reach that buyer’s page but my server says it cannot find it.

Sorry about that. It seems the web page is no longer active. May be the owner has put it down. My server also says it cannot find it.

One thing I suggest is adding a quick copyright to the original video and then claim to Facebook that the buyer stole your copyright without paying you the release fee.

Also, keep contacting the buyer and report the buyer to Customer Support.


Reply to @amani_1: that’s because real url and user name have been removed: unfortunately it’s not allowed to call out other users and external websites here on forum.