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Help. Buyer is asking for too much

Hi fellow seller,
So I recently leveled up and got an order of $600 from a VID buyer, It is a programming job and what the user had asked from earlier had ways lesser work than what he has changed to later, he has straight off added two whole new sections of work which would set me off by a week at minimum. How can I go about approaching this. This request did not happen specifically on fiverr, it happened on Figma the software design platform where I had showed him the app design on, please let me know what is the best way to approach this, at this point I have invested about 2 weeks into the order and milestone 1 of 3 is almost complete.

Any suggestions will be appreciated :slight_smile: thanks

I don’t know much about this topic but if the buyer is asking for much more than your service costed, you should add additional prices for the extras they’re asking for. Remember you should still stay on the cheap side though because buyers still have to pay a service fee and tax in addition to your price. Hope this helps!