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Help! Buyer Is Misusing

I am a new seller. I am having a buyer, who placed an order for a design. He already had a design and he wanted the design to out stand, he placed the order and did not told me what he wanted, he just said he wanted the design to out stand. I made a rough sketch and he liked it. After i delivered he wanted the revisions for the edges to be sharp. Then he again and again asked for revison on the same part of design. The design had 2020 in it. He said Separate 2020 and he is not satisfied I did 5 revisions for him I only gave him 1 revision. Firstly he had a problem with 2020 only . In the last revision I asked him if that is the only change and he said yes. Now he is asking for 6th revision and he want the text to be changed. I think he will keep asking the revisions. He is also saying if I will not revise the work he will cancel the order .
I need help any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Yes - there are such buyers.

I just had a seller like that. He always wants a little change. At revision 15, I told him he could keep the job and I cancelled.

Eyes closed and done. Focus always forward.

what should i do now??

Send him a gig extra for additional revisions, if he doesn’t want to accept that you need to tell him that there’s nothing more you can do for him as long as he doesn’t pay for additional revisions. But I wouldn’t cancel the order.

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That won’t help. The guy’s got “SCAM” written all over him.

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Never offer unlimited revisions, it only asks for trouble. If you state in your gig description that the price only contains 1 revision, remind him as sweetly as humanly possible of that fact, tell him that further ones will cost him. If he keeps pushing you, link him the Fiverr TOS, where it is specifically stated that if a job was completed, it can not be canceled because the customer does not like the result.
" * Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. You may rate your experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received."

I would not cancel either, you worked for that money.


I offered 1 revision only

You tell them they’ve had the work they’ve paid for and if they continue to request further revisions then you will invite customer support to review the order.

This buyer is clearly a scammer.

Although I note that you don’t offer unlimited revisions (a good move!) you’ve still got to be careful with the use of phrases like ‘satisfaction guaranteed’. It’s part of your profile. Technically your buyer could say to customer support “I bought the gig because the seller guaranteed I’d be satisfied. I’m not. I want my money back”.


nothing to say for your this situation, this is a bad situation for new seller just try to convince your client

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I am trying my best to convince him

I have just delivered him the revised work. You guys just pray for me.

I also have that kind of client and he sucks my positive vibes.

Yeah, thats so stressing, your profile stats get in danger in such situations

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Well, there is a news. The buyer is saying that My deign in 99% perfect and he will be needing only one more correction. Lets see what happens.

A few days ago a buyer did the same thing to me. he place a order on my gigs. i compla him task maintain all requirement but, he revision again & again.

If he has stated only one more revision, you must hold him to that. So if you goes back on his word, you can contact CS and you can supply them with the facts. If someone does this to me, I would definitely give him a very low rating at the end, with a summary of what he did, so he is not able to scam more people.

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you are right, some of people they are not satisfied with their any kinds of job, they are very harmful for every seller

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