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Help! Buyer requested email!


It’s been a couple of months that I am working here. Just now I have got a new order from a customer where they provided their email and requested me to deliver the work through email. I have read about not sharing emails and not contacting buyer outside of Fiverr, So I have mentioned it to the buyer that it’s against tos and boom “I got flagged”. Also, I don’t know what to do about delivery. The buyer asked for it within 2 hours and they seem to be signed out after submitting the order. I need to ask about some details of what needs to be done too.

It will be much appreciated if someone can help me with what I can do now!!!


You are correct, the work must not be delivered through email. Don’t worry about the flag: CS will read your answers to the buyer, determining that your conduct is correct.
A request of a delivery in two hours, without providing clear instructions, smells of trouble. Personally I would cancel.


Thanks for the reply. Won’t I need buyer presence for mutual cancellation? Won’t it hamper my gig ranking? 42 mins left of 2 hours and I am panicking.


As far as I know, no. You have to wait anyway, and the buyer can eventually refuse.
The point is that the order should have a duration of 24 hours at least.
Yes, the completion rate would be affected.

To sum up, the buyer:

  • asked for something that is against TOS
  • asked for an almost immediate delivery
  • then disappeared without answering to essential questions


Thank you for your kind replies.

It was an offer through buyer request. My service is recreating vectors so some buyers request urgent delivery.


If you promised a delivery in two hours (in other words if your offer states that you will deliver in two hours) you have basically created a problem by yourself.


If I submit there won’t be a problem right? I already created several version :sob::sob: with/without background (There were 2)


If you have already done the work and that (crazy) deadline is not over, you can deliver. After that the buyer can either request a revision or cancel.


buyer is online now. Thank you for all the help :smile::blush:


Good luck :four_leaf_clover: judging by your portfolio your Gig is very good.