Help buyer wants to cancel delivered work


Hello Fiverr family,

I need advise on how to handle a buyer. A buyer ordered my transcription gig without contacting me and gave laundry list of requirements that were outside the scope of the gig. That was the first sign of trouble. 2 days down the line the buyer requested that i send an update to him. That he wants to see the work i had done so far.

I asked why the buyer is making the request. The buyer said that he wants to know if i am doing a good job so that he will know whether he should cancel the order or not.

I sent the work i had done to the buyer and informed the buyer that i had stopped work and asked if i should continue with the work.

The buyer said i should continue with the work. I delivered the transcripts 2 days ahead of time. The next thing the buyer opened a dispute that he wants to cancel the order. His reason is that i used transcription software and i breached confidentiality and threatened to report to CS.

Please i need advise on how to go about this


You go about it by standing your ground.

Never cancel an order for which you have made a full and proper delivery. Fiverr’s ToS, implicitly, supports that position. If the Buyer does not like the quality work you provided (e.g. poor quality because of reliance on transcription software), she/he is more than welcome to leave a review to that effect (which you can refute).

As for the allegations regarding breach of confidentiality (and the use of transcription software), the burden of proof rests with the Buyer. If she/he makes that claim to CS, I hope they’re prudent enough to ask for proof!


Same happened with me. Is the buyer top rated buyer ?
If yes
Scammers are active on Fiverr.


From the comments I have seen people leave here in the Forum, I’d highly doubt that. I wish it were true though!


In print - they fully support it – however, they WILL go ahead and cancel such orders (even if they are done exactly as the gig description says – and it can be proven) because they “can’t force a buyer to accept the delivery”…

It’s happened to me, a few times.


It does not take much to become a TRB. I am one and I have bought little on Fiverr. Maybe $125 total. :confused:


He is not a top rated seller he registered on fiverr in july


No he is not a top rated buyer…


The irony was that the buyer was on buyer request with his laundry list of conditions. He wanted heaven and earth for $5. I believe he got few responses that was why he went to directly place orders from gigs.


CS cancelled the order. This just encourages scammers to get things done for them for free


I am sorry about @uzotoby17 I know how it feels because I just got my order cancelled after 5 months of delivery. I don’t know criteria the CS are using to cancel orders.