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Help-Buyer wants to cancel

I have been working on a project for 3 days, now the seller wants to cancel the order because she is all of a sudden financially stuck. but i delivered all the agreed work & even more than that including multiple options & extra prints too ( which is how i always work)… I feel like it is not fair for me… after spending this much time… -note; she said that she liked the work very much but still want to cancel because of her financial situation-
i do not want to cancel because i sticked to my end of the bargain & she likes the work too… can she cancel the order?


No, she can’t. Her financial situation is not your problem. You spent your time and did the work.
Did you deliver your order with a green “deliver” button?

You should write to CS just in case. They wouldn’t do anything at this point but at least they wouldn’t cancel the order if your client will reach out to them.


thank you so much for taking time to reply.means a lot, i did deliver using green button & explain all the order clearly too. i will write to cs. just dnt want the order get cancelled even if she reaches out to fiverr.


Seeing they have already spent the money and cancelling will not actually return it to their pocket, i smell a Pinocchio nosing about looking to Rumpelstiltskin you. What a :poop:

Say no, alert CS and hold tight. Just be aware that they will savage you on the Review at which point you can see if CS will remove it if it is clearly vindictive. Otherwise let their vindictiveness be their undoing as you can respond with a careful reply that makes it clear to anyone who reads that this person was a thief (without using that word at all).

This may result in 1-Star as well which will hurt if you don’t have many other jobs so think whether a Cancellation is better or the money. Sorry there will be no perfectly fair outcome here so you have to decide where you will fight and how. Sometimes retiring from the field altogether is the wiser strategy as it lets you fight another day on a battlefield of your choosing.

Look carefully at: How you let this wrong one in.

Let us know how this goes.



At first your client is lying, I worked as a buyer on fiverr and the buyer always submits the amount first to fiverr then they can give someone a project. So for now her money is stuck in fiverr and she cannot use this financial excuse. She will have to pay whatever she says because its the policy of fiverr. Don’t worry, You have done the work and you will get paid. Also contact customer service.

i have more than 6 orders at all times…i have never got less than 4 stars… i can take one bad review. fiverr has asked me to discuss & settle for less if possible. well i want to get paid fully because she has all the source files too… i certainly would have even considered settling for less if this was multiple times revised, back & forth type of a project…but no, no revisions at all… i really feel terrible

Great then decline to cancel and ride the storm they try to make seeing they have all the work and can use it.

You will outlast them and have not only their money but but know that they are really stewing that they couldn’t scam you - exactly as it should be.


also i noted that fiverr does not credit that amount back to the buyer… it will remain as a fiverr balance… huh… i might as well not expect to get fully protected by fiverr because they are not loosing any money…
i am about to be top rated on next evaluation date… Hope that it is not at risk

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Fiverr and the way things would work in the real world are not the same at all. They have created an alternate reality of their own with unique environmental behaviors (and thereby some very unique animals to live in it.


i realised that i should not act much, rather than just notifying fiverr (which i did with evidence)…I have decided to stay calm rather than trying to solve this from my side…I will keep posting so that it will be useful to someone.

update- I declined the despite request…Then she said that she is in tears & she lost her job & asking me to help her… I said I simply cannot because she waited till last moment to inform me about the need to cancel. and then she threatened me with having to write a detailed review ( means bad reveiw)… still i did not agree ( i can take one bad review) …and then she threatened me with having to ask for revisions, saying NEVERMIND I WILL PAY FOR THIS ORDER BUT THERE WILL BE PLENTY OF REVISIONS…untill now she said that the delivered prints looked great…well i reported this, lets see how this goes

Well, you got a live one there.

While distressing for you this is great for you as you should now screenshot all this and send it to CS as that is emotional blackmail and threats.

It is up to CS what they choose to do with their money but make it clear that you will be keeping yours as you have done the work and everything as per the agreement.


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Have you explained to her that she will not get the money back even if she cancels? It just goes back into her fiverr balance to spend on another order.

If this excuse was genuine then cancelling would be pointless knowing that information because it won’t help her financial situation, she’ll just be stuck with money to spend on an order of equal value. She might as well accept the order as she’s not getting the money back anyway.

There’s a chance she’s trying to get free work out of you though.

It’s worth contacting support, fast. Because if she contacts support to cancel, then it’s very likely they will accept. Whenever a buyer has had a stupid, disingenuous reason for cancelling and went to support they instantly cancel regardless of the reason in my experience.

I would go to this buyer’s profile and immediately BLOCK them.

They sound not only like a liar, but, a conniving, manipulative thief as well.

I highly doubt they lost their job, are crying or anything else. They are trying to steal from you.

Kick them to the curb.

Also, Fiverr’s “suggestion” that you give your services to them for a lower price, is pretty OBNOXIOUS on their part. Shame on whomever wrote that response to you.



[benedictrm]- thank you so much for following up.I somehow want to get fiverr to remove this potential hateful review… Not sure if this has ever happened though. :sweat_smile:

[nomadsolutions]- I did tell her that she wont get her money back directly… also its a 10 day project & she waited till last 12 hours to inform me about the need to cancel. which I think is not fair. And I do not think that fiverr will approve “financial issues”, as a reason for a cancellation. If they do it will be absurd

[genuineguidance] - I do not think that I can block them because the order is not approved yet. can I? I am so happy that i have been keeping my record clear & well rated until now, so that I can take this hit…she definitely is going to rate me one star.

Go to their profile and see if you have the option to block them.

If not, click the Report button and block them that way after clicking why you want to report them. They sound awful.

Click on their name to go to their profile.


Hi, I cannot block the customer as the order is still on ( not complete yet) …In fact customer now asked for millions of edits… & asked for many extra patterns( which is an option i gave her when we were trying to figure out a solution) but she did not request for a revision. this is a first time buyer so she might not know about the revision button…in fact i am glad because this is not in-fact revisions these are extra work. totally trying to get revenge… But now its 4 days, the order is not getting automatically marked as complete…does anyone know why? I declined the dispute request but it still says “on dispute by buyer” how long do i have to wait till this gets completed?.. so that i can provide additional work as a favour but not be obliged to do so.

I really think you need to get this in front of CS - again if they are making unfair use of Revisions (a TOS violation).

Give this person absolutely nothing. Deliver exactly the same things again if you need to.


No matter how sorry you are for the client, she cannot opt out for that reason. She may be one of those scammers, who start orders with people, take the goods and then try and run. She must make a plan to organize that money!

Screenshot all her messages. If she gets ugly, you have all the proof. If you get a message to cancel refuse and report to CS.

I do work where I am working for an entire month or 2. These orders are big! They are hundreds of dollars! If a customer does this to me, I would be absolutely furious. Whether the job is big or small, the same rules apply.

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