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Help! Buyer would like a half refund!?

Hi all!
first time poster on this forum but fairly long time seller. At least if feels like a long time when I get clients like this one come around.

I’ve sent the customer half finished work, as requested by them, but they have decided that they don’t like the work and they want to cancel the gig. They’re alright paying me for the work I’ve done which I appreciate but I do not know how to do that or if that is possible??? I’ve tried modifying the gig but that only allows you to add money…



Send them a custom offer of the exact amount they are willing to pay for the current work you’ve done and they should accept that and pay you and mark the order as complete. After it is completed then you should cancel the first order. I think this might work.


That’s a great idea thanks! Will wait for the buyer to respond then suggest this course of action.
It sucks it will eat into my stats but at least it will definitely resolve the issue.


if you have an open order and try to send the client another custom offer be careful because it will just increase the price of the current gig. So maybe make sure you create the custom offer from the messages part not the order chat.
Had a very awkward moment when the client found himself with an even pricier gig than before and I had no idea what to do.
All was resolved I canceled the gig and sent them a custom offer seperately but I was very stressed in the minute that went by hoping that they would accept the offer and not just fly off into the night!


Sad to hear that. I didn’t know that you would send the custom offer through the order page. You were supposed to send it through first message inbox not order page because it’s added as gig extra or upsell.

But it’s good that the client doesn’t have much issues about it.

Well, good luck and thanks for the reminder.