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Help! Buyer's account cancelled but earning is still in, valid?

One of my gig helps to purchase things from where I am. A buyer tries to buy gaming credit from my country. After 2 times purchase (each with more than $500), his account is closed. But the order is completed, the earning is also reflected to my account. Will I still get my earning despite his account is closed? I’m very worried.

Minutes later, he used another account to approach me. This time he wants to purchase about at least $2k worth of gaming credit. I don’t mind purchasing for him since it’s not illegal, I just want to make sure that I still get my money upon completion of task.

Hopefully someone reading this can give some advice with their experience.


Please allow me to follow this post, this is interesting… I wish everything will be fine.

Yeap, I got scammed.
But I didn’t do the last deal.