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HELP! Can NOT do my work without giving seller an email and my name FOR ADMIN PURPOSES

I am trying to understand how I can give and get information that is critical to being able to do my work for buyers. I am certainly not trying to “circumvent or abuse” anything. I help people with Shopify-specific tasks. In order to do my job, the seller needs to go to settings on his or her account then set up staff account which means entering my NAME AND EMAIL as “staff” to help with set up and implementation. If I can not do this, I CAN NOT DO THE JOB. So I am bewildered by all the big rules on sharing INFORMATION CRITICAL TO ACCOMPLISHING TASK.

they can create a dummy e-mail address on their own domain and use that for your temporary account.

I also work with similar project and at times I’m nervous to share this type of information.

If you play safe and you must provide them with your info and IT’S PART OF THE ORDER I don’t think you should have an issue.

Contact support and ask them if you are permitted to offer your info and vice versa.

you could also create a new / / and use it for this order.

Hey, yes I did contact them, have not heard back yet. Clearly a big issue for many, in a world of email communications. Will let you u know if I find anything else out!

Hi, hmm…well I have plenty of email accounts, but any email put on messaging for gig requirements and info could get flagged by they system…as for dummy email on their domain, Shopfiy will need to directly email me to set up admin log ins etc…if its a dummy email then it will not get to me…OR could then have that dummy email forwarded. BUT…any email will possibly bring down the fury from on high…i am stumped