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HELP! Can not publish my gig!

I have been trying for days to get my gig published but I can’t get past DRAFT, What do I do,


to fill all properly
may be you forgot something
and to publish(activate it)

Have you uploaded a gig photo? If you’re trying to publish it without a gig photo uploaded in the ‘Gallery’ tab, it will go straight to draft, even if all the other information is filled in

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Fill correctly and verify your gig.

I still can not publish my gig. I filled in all areas, downloaded pictures and still can not get it out of draft mode. Can somebody check it for me fiverr/gailszotak. PLEASE!!

did you hit the publish button?

I can’t get that far.

Did you hit that publish button? Contact support if nothing work.

I can’t click “verify now” or “save&continue” in the gallery page although I already put all the photos, videos, and pdf. Help please.

I have the same problem

you can go phone verification and verify your phone number then publish your gig.

My gig is also not publishing anyone please help me?
see attachment after pressing publish button, buttons is disabled and process is not complete

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You can talk with fiverr community

I think I may have found the problem:
I am also experiencing this problem. I have verified my phone number and email, I have filled everything out including W-9 form, and yet ‘publish gig’ is still grayed out and un-clickable.

It seems as though there is a ‘W-9 check’ that must be completed before your gigs can be published:
“You can publish your Gig once you received a notification that your Form W-9 check was completed successfully.”


Anyone know how long this takes?

Okay. You took the test… but did you pass the test?

1st exam complete …