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HELP! Can not publish my gig!


I have been trying for days to get my gig published but I can’t get past DRAFT, What do I do,


to fill all properly
may be you forgot something
and to publish(activate it)


Have you uploaded a gig photo? If you’re trying to publish it without a gig photo uploaded in the ‘Gallery’ tab, it will go straight to draft, even if all the other information is filled in


Fill correctly and verify your gig.


I still can not publish my gig. I filled in all areas, downloaded pictures and still can not get it out of draft mode. Can somebody check it for me fiverr/gailszotak. PLEASE!!


did you hit the publish button?


I can’t get that far.


Did you hit that publish button? Contact support if nothing work.


I can’t click “verify now” or “save&continue” in the gallery page although I already put all the photos, videos, and pdf. Help please.


I have the same problem