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Help! Cancelations today due to buyer issues


I have never had to cancel an order (or had one canceled). That changed today. I have received 2 orders today, both cancels.
The 1st asked me to cancel within 20 minutes realizing that I do not offer music with my VO’s. He messaged me and apologized for rushing the request and not paying attention and asked me to cancel, which I did.
The 2nd asked me to cancel 2 hours after submitting because his buyer canceled.
I have a couple of questions:
What should I do on the 2nd one, I have not initiated the cancel yet. Will it make a difference whether I cancel or he cancels?
How will this affect my listing position? I have been doing surprisingly well (just over 3 weeks and 14 orders completed with 10 ratings). I am so concerned that I will be in trouble. What have you all found the best option to be and what negative effects should I prepare myself for?


As far as the first order, it’s probably too late now, but you might want to keep in mind that sometimes you can be creative and keep an order. For example, since he ordered wanting music too and you don’t offer it, you could have considered outsourcing the music part to another Fiverr seller. There are some forum regulars who offer music for that kind of thing. You could either offer it as an extra and see if your buyer will cover the cost, or if you are getting paid well enough you might eat the cost of the outsourced music just to keep from canceling.

The second one is stickier since you really shouldn’t have to cancel that but if the buyer insists you probably won’t have much choice. You could explain that your status is affected by cancellations and that you will not cancel, then deliver what the buyer ordered and decline cancelation requests. That might work but you could get a bad review or the buyer could complain and get Support to cancel it.

Cancellations lower your order completion rate, so that is the negative side. You can see that rate in your Analytics. You need 90% or higher to continue selling at your current level badge. This post is based on my opinion and experience, but I’m not staff, s you might ask Customer Support for more clarification.


I’m sorry, but most of your post doesn’t make much sense. I have seen this problem in other comments you have made. You might consider two things to improve. Before you respond to a post, use Google to translate it into your language and make sure you understand it. Write your response in your native language and see if you can Google translate it to English. People can give you feedback on whether or not it makes sense.

If orders are canceled, they are refunded, so it seems to be that your person refund rate would go up, but I’m not sure I understood this part either.


[quote=“best696163, post:2, topic:202245”]
Buyers do not provide any information to provide orders

In those cases, leave it to the buyer

If he does not respond within 24 to 48 hours,

Buyers do not provide any information in order to order
In cases,
Give it again
If he is not responding between 24 hours and 48 hours,
Cancel order
The orders are not complete
Orders Completed Rate is low.