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Help canceling gig?

I recently ordered a gig for about $150. However, the person I ordered from doesn’t seem to be on the same page as me, and their English is terrible (even though they listed themselves as “fluent”), so much so that every message seemed like a puzzle. I asked to cancel a couple days ago, but they’ve stopped replying altogether. Help?

Hit the button that says resolve at the right of the page. You can request cancellation like that.

It’s worth noting that the initial order was $50, while $100 was tacked on a bit later. Will I get all the money back if they agree to cancel?

Yes. But you don’t get it back to your payment method. You can only use it on other gigs on the site.

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I do believe Fiverr Support can take care of that, though. They’ve done it for me in the past.

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It’s very rare they will.