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Help cancellation is affecting my account!

I have had 10 cancellations this month and about 6 of those are not my fault. how do I revive my gig again, cause I no longer get orders and am overdue already for the level 1 stage, I have met all the criteria but I can’t move, cause my order completion rate is really down. please what can I do

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I experienced the same problem. There were 10 cancellations last month so my gig disappeared to last pages in search results. My order completion rate was 92%. The way to gain again is just working hard and promoting your gigs elsewhere. Social media maybe. And its too hard and take a lot of order completions to gain the gigs place in first pages again. :sob:

my order completion rate is on 77 percent already and I have an order am supposed to cancel cause the buyer says he placed the order by mistake as he just downloaded the app and was still getting used to it. I haven’t canceled that order ye, maybe when I do it will reduce to about 70 percent who know. :sob::sob::sob::sob: