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HELP: Cannot contact buyer due to privacy reasons?

I am new to this site so I’m not really familiar with all the rules and stuff. Well a person messaged me and asked if I could review a product. They would pay me so I could do it. I told him I was a bit paranoid so I asked him if it was allowed on fiverr. He said it was, so I chose to believe him. He offered to buy a gig of mine and then leave feedback for me. I thought this would be ok, so he placed an order with me. I not only reviewed the product, but I also drew a picture of the review. My gig is a drawing thing, so I wanted to make sure it was related to the gig as well. I deliver the files of the image and a screenshot of my review and the order still says it’s in progress. I thought this was a glitch, but I later found out the buyer has to accept the finished product. So I go to message the guy to tell him I completed the gig. But when I go to read the most recent message sent by him, it wouldn’t let me and a message popped up saying “For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly.” What does this mean and will I still get paid for doing what was specified? I hope I will because I wasted my time and effort on both the review and the image for the gig. Not to mention I am in desperate need of cash. They cut my check out and now I can’t afford to buy food, so I’m trying to raise enough money to feed my mom and I. Thank you for your help!