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HELP can't change email

I was on fiverr 3 years ago and sold nothing, under one email which I closed two years ago. Now my new gigs are getting noticed but everything is going to my old email. I try to change it in settings and it says to retrieve email they just sent to old email. I have tried to contact fiverr hahaha nothing. I also can not get paid cause everything is now under my new email except this account…HELP!

I can’t solve your problem because i dont have any idea of how this could work, but i hit one answer because i’d like to know about and I hope this would help to put this post in one higher position and let you be more visible, enough to reach one anser from somebody.

Do you have more than one Fiverr account?

Or do you mean you just have a new email address? Usually you have to have access to your old email in order to change your email address. So if you do not have your old email address you will not be able to change it. Hackers would steal peoples accounts and revenues all the time if it was not set up with this kind of security.

You may need to possibly close out your Fiverr account. Then once it is closed open a new Fiverr account with your new email address. But you need to talk to Fiverr Customer Support first before doing that because you want to make sure they know what you are doing so you do not get banned because they think you are trying to have two accounts which is against the rules.

Give Fiverr a few days to answer you.

Before more responses are added, this post is from a few weeks ago so the OP may have moved on. :slight_smile:

my old email is disble how can i add new email