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Help? Can't deliver orders or contact clients? error message


I have delivered a few orders no problem earlier, but i went out and came back and now I am unable to deliver any orders without the error message coming up. I also can’t message my clients to let them know whats happening, when i press send for a message, it just dissapears!

If I can’t get it done in the next 4 hours then i will get my first late delivery, I will lose 8 gigs all at once and it will prob destroy my profile! and I already have the work done which is the most annoying part!

I have message support, but that could take 2 days to get response, so i don’t know what i can do… suggestions?

(i have never exchanged emails and have turned away people who wanted to break the TOS)

It’s working now, thankfully. :slight_smile:

Hopefully you didn’t miss anything important.


it just got fixed! :smiley:

thats fantastic, quick response from fiverr staff! thank you