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Help center claims my gig is active, but I can’t find it at all in search, even when searching for the exact title

What should I do? I’ve tried logging out and looking it up, using a different browser to look it up, and even getting my friends to look it up. Searching for the keywords gives me nothing. Searching for the gig’s exact title gives me nothing. And customer support won’t let me contact them, as according to the site, my gig’s status is active.

I can’t think of a reason it would disappear, aside from me changing some pictures in the gallery. But this has been an ongoing issue since even before I edited the gig. The past week I’ve gotten regular sales and all my reviews have been 5 stars. Didn’t get any orders today, yesterday or the day before yesterday, presumably because of it not appearing in search at all.

your only gig is ranked on the first page, as I searched with title

I can confirm this, when I copy the title of your one gig into search, it’s right there on the 4th spot as is for saqibhussain516

Just typing in “minecraft skin” puts your gig into the 3rd row of the search results.

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Oh! They seem to have fixed it. Thanks for the answers guys!