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Help center is taking too long to respond

Hello Guys, what do you think is causing the Help & Support to take extremely long before responding to request?. I’m a new seller on the Platform and I just created a new Gig which was active by the way but I couldn’t find it in search results which led to me check it’s Status on the seller self help center and I saw that the Gig is active :smile: but needs some review from their side before it can start displaying in search results I contacted the support center but ever since I’ve reached out to them, I only got a response from a bot and nothing more after that and the Gig is still the same (Going to more than 5 days now :cry: : ).


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You said you’ve checked in the Seller Help Center? That means you’ve read this, correct?

Regarding Customer Support, they’re roughly about 2 weeks behind, from what I’ve read here on the forums.

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Two weeks behind is a lot, specially if CS aren’t working to towards closing this gap soon.

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The replied to me on the 5th day for the same issue, but my gig got back in search after 4 days only (1 day before CS replied)

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I have not verified, but there was mention here on the forums that the Fiverr headquarter location was in the midst of another stay-at-home lockdown. And not everyone is capable of work-from-home.

Thanks for responding. But that’s quite sad

Yes I have read it but seriously 2 weeks is too long