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Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do?

Long story short: Completed order. Did a modification. Buyer rejected/wanted another revision as she then wanted an extension outside of original scope. She ordered a separate gig for the additional work but since she wanted another revision on the first gig and rejected, the work is now late and is showing up as incomplete (even though I did fulfill the order and the 2nd gig as already completed).

Buyer is unable to find how to now accept the first order on her end and mark as complete.

I e-mailed Fiverr 3.5 days ago saying the order needs to be marked complete as it’s showing late, even though it’s not late. I directed them to the entire message chain between myself and the buyer. I got a very generic response that in no way addressed my issue. I e-mailed again but still have not heard anything. Is there any sort of escalation process on Fiverr? I’m not sure what to do.

Did you try to deliver the work again? which will mark it complete in 3 days.

No, I did not. I was not sure if I should do that or not. Do you know if delivering “late” will affect my stats or how I come up in searches? I don’t want to re-deliver late and have it affect my coming up in search results. That is why I tried contacting fiverr so they could fix on their end . . . .

To avoid deliver late, you can ask the buyer to extend the time while he/she ask for a modification. That’s what I do and it makes me deliver within time. because if the modification has something which was not already in the deal and its a bit extra, more time need to be added to in deadline. what you can do is ask for extra time in resolution center. you can talk to buyer and see if she wanna extend the time for modification, if yes then go to resolution center and ask for extension of time.

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I’d push the ‘Nudge CS’ button by replying to the same ticket (not open a new one) and explain/ask them for news/help as the matter still is unresolved.
Hope you’ll get it sorted out quickly.

There is an escalation process, I’ve had tickets escalated to ‘tech department’ or a CS lead or whatever they’re called before, but guess escalation depends on issue.


Thanks so much! Appreciate the responses.

Yes, would love to get this closed as I feel bad that the buyer is also having to wait on Fiverr as well. Plus, it would be nice to get money for the larger gig haha :slight_smile: