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Help Center Refresh

If you haven’t visited recently, the Fiverr Help Center (support) has a new design refresh!
Both the main landing page and the article pages all look a little more like the Fiverr Marketplace.

Let us know what you think down in the comments!



Looking Gorgeous and innovative

Looking very professional now this page

I have noticed that the article “Responding To Buyer Requests” has been abridged and is now called “Answering Potential Buyers.” I miss the old article. It was a nice resource to link new sellers to as it was more in depth.


Maybe there could be a help page there about the “best seller” badge/highlight that’s shown on our profile when logged in (not publicly) - what it’s based on/how it’s calculated and how many days it takes into account (since there have been conflicting statements about it and mine seems to be displayed incorrectly and also people ask about it on the forum).


In the old help centre there used to be a page called “Gig images do’s and don’ts” that gave info on gig images, including recommended image sizes. That doesn’t seem to exist after the help centre refresh, but a page that gave similar info would be helpful. It could give info on what aspect ratio images work best in all places (web versions and the app) as well as state the rules that were shown in the previous page.